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Originally Posted by SpookyElectric View Post
I'll be around, though I'm not sure which days. Saturday is most likely. I plan to cosplay, but I think my primary focus this event will be photography since the location & atmosphere are pretty conducive to it.

If anyone's curious, here are pics I took last year.
Also, here's what series I'm into (on MAL, with rankings), and thus most interested in photographing. Especially any Range Murata or Hyung Tae Kim character designs, as well as steampunk & neo-victorian type fashion/character designs. (So, TheSinisterLove, I'd be interested in your Elfen Lied group. But KKM's not so interesting unless Yuuri's willing to get dunked in a toilet.)

So, if anyone wants me to look out for them, let me know.
I'm impressed you know of the show KKM. I really do want to get a toilette series of Yuuri. Think we can find generic enough looking people around to have them pose as the bullies for a shoot like that? I'm game and i'm sure i can bully my Yuuri into it.

As for Elfen Lied, i love the costume and will have pictures taken of it whenever i have the chance.
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