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Originally Posted by TheSinisterLove View Post
I want to schedule an actual date and time for us all to meet up together so EVERYONE can have pictures and get pictures taken, etc. Think of it as a photo taking party. hahahah! >D

---Friday at 3:00pm
---Saturday at 10:00 am
--- Sunday at 10:00am
---(I'm open to compromise if anyone has suggestions)

--- In the center of the convention, where music is played and there are many tables with umbrellas around. I'll try to be as easily noticeable as possible.
--- Once we all meet up, we'll start moving around campus finding great spots for photoshoots so that EVERYONE can have a great set for getting some really good pictures.

--- If we have one of these gatherings every day, then the cosplayers should be able to get a photoshoot of most of their costumes, and the photographers can get a really wide variety of characters. Also, if anyone misses one of the days, they'll still have another chance.
--- Traveling around in a group should make us feel less awkward should other students be wandering around campus, raising their brows... strength in numbers right?
--- I know and love the CSUN campus and cant wait to bring people to the settings that bet support their characters!
--- Please please please keep in touch with the people you take pictures of. I'll try to bring a note pad to make sure everyone exchanges information, but i really want to make sure everyone gets to see the pictures that are taken of them.

sounds kewl i will prolly be late fer saturday mew...ill get there as early as possible. ill give you my cell number in case im late, yar? ill PM it to ya.
and if anyone wants death note pix i will be there friday as misa at 3ish lol XD
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