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Originally Posted by TheSinisterLove View Post
I want to schedule an actual date and time for us all to meet up together so EVERYONE can have pictures and get pictures taken, etc. Think of it as a photo taking party. hahahah! >D

---Friday at 3:00pm
---Saturday at 10:00 am
--- Sunday at 10:00am
---(I'm open to compromise if anyone has suggestions)

--- In the center of the convention, where music is played and there are many tables with umbrellas around. I'll try to be as easily noticeable as possible.
--- Once we all meet up, we'll start moving around campus finding great spots for photoshoots so that EVERYONE can have a great set for getting some really good pictures.

--- If we have one of these gatherings every day, then the cosplayers should be able to get a photoshoot of most of their costumes, and the photographers can get a really wide variety of characters. Also, if anyone misses one of the days, they'll still have another chance.
--- Traveling around in a group should make us feel less awkward should other students be wandering around campus, raising their brows... strength in numbers right?
--- I know and love the CSUN campus and cant wait to bring people to the settings that bet support their characters!
--- Please please please keep in touch with the people you take pictures of. I'll try to bring a note pad to make sure everyone exchanges information, but i really want to make sure everyone gets to see the pictures that are taken of them.

sounds good! ill be wandering the con as a photog and will make sure to stop by on saturday!! i may attend sunday as well, looking forward to meeting you all.

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