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Originally Posted by TheSinisterLove View Post
I've noticed a lot of people having trouble figuring out places to stay. problem is, i know my family wont want strangers in the house. I was considering pitching some tents in my back yard, putting out a table with bags of chips and water, and letting people stay back there so they can have the ability to come and go, and have someplace to crash with other cons folk.

My friend informed me that this would be treating people like dogs that need to be put outside at night. and the fact that i didnt see a problem, was probably the biggest problem.

I want to help people out, but i need to figure out how to give people a place to stay without my parents feeling that their privacy is being invaded. perhaps if myself and my friends also stay outside and keep an eye on everyone, that would make it a little better.

WOW!! That's a funny idea. I never thought about that. I would have loved to see that though although your friend is right...
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