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Originally Posted by Hazel Chaz View Post
If I were going to be in the dealers room next year, I'd suggest making the hours 10-6 on Day 1, and perhaps having more time to set up the night before, if they want to have 8 hours of shopping time that day.
I totally agree! I think those hours would be easier on everyone!

The only reason I was irked about it closing early is I ran into several people who had just finished watching the bands, or been at panels, or whatever, and were really upset that they couldn't get into the dealer's room, even though it was posted in the schedule that it would be open till 7pm. (Not to mention that day 1 was the only day I could shop because I was busy with the masquerades on both day 2 and day 3.) I realize that all those hours make for a long day. . . but if you weren't in the dealers hall when the announcement was put out on the PA system, you were just SOL because you didn't have a chance to hear it and get to the dealer's hall before it closed.
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