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Originally Posted by henna_nyo View Post
@Sinister: Augh, omgosh. I just saw the time for Saturday and I'm like, "x.x;;;," 'cause by that time, I'll still be getting ready to head over to CSUN, haha. o.x I was thinking maybe at around 1PM or something like that, lol.

If not, then hopefully I'll see the big group of photographers around! Haha~

@Kio: Wanna do a ShinoHina photoshoot? ROFL. Or Eaa giah~? Lawl.
it seems like people are going to have a hard time meeting up that early. i'll try to be there at 10, but if no one is there, i should put up a sign to say "meet here at 12:30, or 1"
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