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Hopefully offering two times will help people be able to make it to the photoshoots. Please PLEASE PLEASE dont just come to one photoshoot. Everyone knows, scheduled events fall flat if no one shows up.

[EDIT] I want to schedule an actual date and time for us all to meet up together so EVERYONE can have pictures and get pictures taken, etc. Think of it as a photo taking party. hahahah! >D

---Friday at 3:00pm and again at 6:00pm
---Saturday at 10:00 am and again at 1:00pm
--- Sunday at 10:00am and again at 12:30
---(I'm open to compromise if anyone has suggestions)

--- In the center of the convention, where music is played and there are many tables with umbrellas around. I'll try to be as easily noticeable as possible.
--- Once we all meet up, we'll start moving around campus finding great spots for photoshoots so that EVERYONE can have a great set for getting some really good pictures.

--- If we have one of these gatherings every day, then the cosplayers should be able to get a photoshoot of most of their costumes, and the photographers can get a really wide variety of characters. Also, if anyone misses one of the days, they'll still have another chance.
--- Traveling around in a group should make us feel less awkward should other students be wandering around campus, raising their brows... strength in numbers right?

[[[[[[ ADDITIONAL EDIT! ]]]]]]]

Communication: I want everyone to be able to share the pictures we get of each other and i'm struggling deciding how to do this. We could all communicate on here, but i dont want to pass out my e-mail online. So here is my idea...

Photographers, please come with paper so you can write down the e-mail adress or AIM of the models who request to see their pictures when they are available. make a description of their cosplay underneath so you will remember who they are and you can send them their pictures.
!!!!If you have a gallery you post these pictures in, make sure your model will allow you to post these pictures. And if they allow you to, provide a link so they can access their pictures.

[b]Models[B/], please make sure you write down the contact information of the photographers who took your picture. Make a note to remind yourself what costume you were wearing. You may need to contact them, and you may need to remind them what you were wearing.
!!!! If you have requests, let them be known. make sure a photographer knows if you only want your friend to take pictures, or if you dont want your pictures to become accessable to the public. Also, let your photographer know if you will allow your better pictures to be pictures for their own use, such as for photography portfolios.

Is there anything else i should consider or mention?
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