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Originally Posted by Schuldig_ View Post
I'm an avid Hellsing cosplayer, as is my wife. Though as many has pointed out, they're not really outfits for warm climates. Three layers of fabric is murder when it's hot; take it from someone who cosplayed Alucard in San Fran last year. At least the hat shaded me from the worst of it.
I thought I was going to pass out in my Integra costume at Otakon. Wool suit, long sleeve muslin shirt, and long heavy wig combined with not having anything to eat since that morning. I took that as my cue to peel it off and get into my much cooler Tsunade costume.

OTOH, later that day, I wore my Bondage-card costume, which is a compression vest and all leather outfit with another long, heavy wig and I didn't feel overheated at all. (Probably because it rained that day and cooled things off somewhat.)

But at Katsucon earlier this year, I ended up lending my overcoat to a chick dressed as Schrodinger because she was FREEZING.

Hellsing Cosplay = Face it. You're screwed no matter what the weather is.
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