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Cat Ear Tutorial

Ok, so I've seen a few tutorials for cat ears, but they weren’t exactly the kind that I wanted to make (yes, I’m very picky when it comes to cat ears lol), so I made this tutorial in case anyone had the same problem. I just kind of did this in an hour or 2, so it’s not perfect yet, but I’m pretty proud with the results. Here we go!

~Poster board
~2 different colors of fuzzy material (Faux fur, wool, felt, etc. I used squares of felt, which you can find very cheap at a lot of stores)
~Hot glue gun
~Pencil or marker

STEP 1: Determine how big you want your ears to be. Mine are small/medium; the measurements are on the pic. Then take the poster board and draw a gem-like shape on it. This will be called the “base” for the rest of the tutorial. Cut it out. Fold it vertically across the 2 points and cut a slit into the middle up to the crease. (You might need to cut a small triangle like in the picture for it to fold right)

STEP 2: Fold the left half of the bottom over the right half so you have a half-cone looking thing. Check to make sure that the size and edges are how you want them. If any edges stick out or are uneven, carefully trim them off.

STEP 3: Unfold the “gem” and lay it onto your first color of felt that you want the outside to be (I chose brown.) Make marks just below the two lower corners and use a ruler to draw a straight line connecting the. Cut around it, making sure to leave a pretty wide border to be folded over later.

STEP 4: Alright this part is a little confusing. Take your “gem” and trace it onto the paper. However, don’t trace the right bottom half (the right of where you cut the slit.) Instead, draw a line straight across to the left half. Also, add sort of a little triangle tip to the left side. This shape will be called the “inside”.

STEP 5: Hot glue the “base” onto the color of fabric that you want the outside to be. Put it on quickly and make sure that you press down firmly so that the glue won’t become lumpy.

STEP 6: Now put the “inside” on the color of fabric that you want the inside of the ear to be (I chose pink). Cut around it exactly; don’t leave a border. (You might even want to make it a bit smaller that the actual “inside” shape.)

STEP 7: Hot glue the “inside” onto the opposite side of your “base”. Fold the border edges of the outside fabric over and glue into place.

STEP 8: Finally, cross the bottom left side over the bottom right side like in step 2. Hot glue it into place. Trim off and glue down any stray edges.

Repeat these steps to make another ear and… viola! You now have a pair of cat ears. Now you can glue them to a headband or glue barrettes/bobby pins to the bottom to put in your hair or on a wig. I hope this tutorial was helpful to everyone, even though it was my first. Thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions, just ask and I’ll try to answer them.
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