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Heya~ I'm looking for pictures of my panel as well as pictures of me, so anything from the Hetalia: Axis Powers events on Saturday are appreciated.

Raichu Gijinka from Pokemon

Canada from Hetalia: Axis Powers
(Anything from the panel is also greatly appreciated!)
Teddie from Persona 4

Teddie from Persona 4

I know there's a big group of people who filmed me throwing star-shaped confetti at the end of con. Please send those my way as well.

Oh and anything from the Rock Band tourneys is also appreciated. I think I was cosplaying as Teddie then too. ^w^

And before I forget -- did anyone film me during the Kame-Hame-Ha! Contest at Masquerade? I was also Teddie (again).

Thanks so much~

- Cy
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