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Saturday: SnJ Sasuke from Naruto

Sunday: Haruka (May) from Pokemon D/P (orange dress)

Also, both days I was in the rock band lounge, so if anyone caught me in there I would greatly appreciate it if you would send those pics my way.

And if anyone got me on Saturday at the dodgeball game, send me those pics too please and thank you!

@Nightshade-singing with you on Sunday was a blast! I have your picture on my myspace, but I don't have it anywhere else.

@Cy-Singing with you BOTH days was a blast! =] I have both a picture of you throwing the glitter, and a video (You want me to put it on youtube?). I only have pictures from Sundaythough, because my camera was dead on Saturday.

@Both of you-If you want, I'll put the pictures up on photobucket so you can get them there, or you can PM me and I'll give you my myspace and you can get them there and friend me. =] Let me know!
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