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Originally Posted by ScarletRhapsody View Post
The HUH?
+ May not have a lot of time to upload photos / report. I still have NDK to take care of and New York Anime Fest this weekend.
more like The WHAT?!

you were at NDK and i didn't see you all weekend? how was that possible?

When I make these feedback threads, sometimes they do get out-of-hand with off-topic posts, and drama. Such is the case with this one. I will ask that everyone please stop the drama. If someone posts something negative about the con, try to respect their opinion since it is their opinion about the experience they had at the con. Thanks.
"This is your job. You want a clear conscience, go start a charity. But if you want your own photography business, and your cosplayer boss says you gotta go out there and take a photo-shoot, go out there, take it, come back to work, and say "DO YOU NEED ME TO DO IT AGAIN?!!"
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