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Originally Posted by AM Chair View Post
People now have no fewer than 7 events to choose from up and down the state, a huge increase from the first two since 1992.
More than that...

January: 1,2. Anime Los Angeles, Sac-Anime.
February: 3. Animation On Display/AOD.
April: 4. Anime Conji (new, in San Diego). We'll ignore the new Anaheim Comic Con that Wizard World is starting up.
May: 5. FanimeCon
July: 6. Anime Expo (and we'll gloss over Comic-Con in San Diego)
September: 7,8. Sac-Anime (they do two a year), MikomiCon
October: 9,10. Ani-Magic, Yaoi-Con
November: 11. Pacific Media Expo

Also over in Arizona and Nevada, which are "local" for a lot of Californians:

May: 12. Phoenix Comicon
June: 13. Anime Kaigi (new, in Flagstaff)
September: 14. Anime Vegas
October: 15. Saboten-Con (Phoenix)

We'll gloss over Fannatikufest (March) in St. George, Utah, which is only "local" for the Victorville-to-Vegas crowd.

Plus there are two or three "Animeland" convention-like things, that I haven't checked out yet and haven't seen any conreports on -- Animeland Tucon (Tucson), Animeland Vegas, and so forth.

And, as Sarah mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Cosplay gatherings organized and announced right here on That's a big increase just in the last five years, people meeting other people and coordinating things online and doing picnics and Little Tokyo get-togethers and the like, all over the state (as well as across the country). So people who want something free to attend have plenty of choices too.
Events I plan to attend this season:
February: Strategicon/Orccon
March: Cosplay Sewing Circle (2014-03-01); SoCal Pan Fandom Spring Formal (2013-03-29)
April: Cosplay Sewing Circle (2014-04-15); Anime Conji (starts 2014-04-18)
May: Baycon (starts 2014-05-23)

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