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For those of you who haven't seen the Big Sister in action, there's a video of some gameplay footage called "Hunting the Big Sister." It's also got a brief shot of the "prototype" Big Daddy... a costume I'll be working on for Anime Central 2010.

Hunting the Big Sister

One of my colleagues will be putting together the Big Sister costume. With her as Big Sister, me as Big Daddy (the "prototype" you play as) and another colleague as a Little Sister, we'll have a whole little Bioshock group. The tutorial someone linked up there will probably be really helpful - thank you so much for linking, Sixx!

For anyone interested in the designs for the Bioshock 2 Big Daddy or the Big Sister, take a look at these:

Big Sister
"Prototype" Big Daddy

I love the Big Daddy prototype. For a smaller person like me, it is a much more plausible costume. There's less armor, a more humanoid shape in general, and the drill is still there (a big plus on my part!). I'll probably upload progress photos once I get started, along with video tutorials on our cosplay website. Good luck to all fellow Bioshock cosplayers!
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