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Originally Posted by ibi-san View Post
I was the alpha Chun-li on Saturday (who was also one of the craftsmanship judges for masquerade... I know I wasn't out much, but I do know that there were a few pictures taken of me)...

Also (because she is a minor and my daughter who shares this account with me), the toddler version "Juli" from Street Fighter Alpha 3 (black bodysuit, black tights, black boots, orange-ish tie, and little black hat with gold skull and wings pin. she may have been seen with one of those monkey backpack leashes).
OMG >< i didn't recognized you you were enero at the SNK vs capcom gathering AX this year weren't you!!! AHHH i'm sory i didn't come up and say hi!!!

oh and awww your daughter was so adorable XDDD i was walking by when i saw her and i was so ready to cuddle her but i knew i shouldn't cause that'd scare her and i was running late for a panel
can u tell me who u r?
no... not the person i see now
but the one i use to remember.....
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