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@cachalot: I know, it's so daunting =OO!! The red and black just makes it even more so, I think :3! It's a fantastic artbook, I definitely do not regret buying it, even tho I was kinda sad there was only one painting of Krile in it ^^;;.

Hehe I just love the designs from IV-VI in general :3 I love how he did Onion Knight though, it's so spunky! He's like the mascot of Dissidia basically XD;;;! Tho then again I'm not very familiar with FFIII's original art to be honest =X. I also like Amano's VII art tho, it's so psychedelic, even if there aren't as much colors as his past art (tho it does fit in to the more modernized-steampunk feel of VII). I look forward to starting my Amano Cloud as well :3
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