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Originally Posted by kanancom View Post
I am planing on sooo many Old School FF cosplays

Reina (Lenna) Charlotte Tycoon - FFV
Princess Sara - Final Fantasy
Warrior of Light - Final Fantasy
Ingus (Red Mage) - FFIII
Leila (Layla) - FFII
yay revive. ^_^

ooo that's an awesome list of cosplays! I recently just played FF5 myself and I LOVED it! I want to make one of those costumes someday. Not sure which one though. :P
I haven't played FF3 yet though. I have the game, I've just been so busy I haven't had a chance to play it yet. XP

Princess Sara sounds fun!
For halloween this year my boyfriend and I are doing White mage and black mage. ... which reminds me I should post pictures of that when I get some. :P My boyfriend hasn't started yet on his costume, but I'm mostly done mine. I just need to get the red triangles on there and then I'm done.


Working on:
Celes (FF6), FOnewearl (PSO)

Future Cosplays:
Ralts (pokemon), Bellossom (pokemon)

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