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Some of my friends cosplay with me... Most of them don't try to help with the costumes, though, so I get angry at them and throw shoes at them. Another refuses to cosplay unpopular characters, and really just wants attention.
I do have two friends, though, who I actually like to cosplay with. One is a fellow cosplayer, and puts work into her costumes, and almost never asks for help, even when I offer it. We usually cosplay from the same series, game, etc. Another friend goes for more normally dressed characters and finds clothes in thrift shops, the back of the closet, etc, and if they need to be changed he sends them over to me. If he's doing something stange and different he can't just shop for he has his grandmother, a costume designer for a theater in Israel, make it for him.
I don't just like cosplaying with them because I don't need to work, they just like going to conventions with me. I've been going to Anime North with my friend Mary for five years now, every year, and my friend Ronen tags along for FanExpo, and introduced me to Who Party. They're both really fun people to be around.
My next con: FanExpo

Costume list:
Femme!Fourth Doctor (Doctor Who) - 85%
Monkey D. Luffy (for Kai) - 0%
Cubone (Pokemon) - 20%
Blackadder Group (Blackadder, Baldrick, George, Melchet, Darling, 'Bob') - 0%
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