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Well I seem to attract anime people and become friends with them which I think is a great quality! XD. So my anime friends think cosplaying and conventions sound uber fun! My other friends just kind of facepalm at me and say I'm a weirdo and a dork but already knew that with my japanesish fandom! But they are use to it and accept me^^

Though once I tell them about conventions they REALLY tease me because they automatically think of comic book conventions and big boobie girls and treckies. One of my friend's laughed at me when I told her I had a good time. When I tell them the actual name of the convention and it's for anime they go "huh?" than when I say "my dork convention" they go "Oooo!"
Cosplay I'm working on:
Adam Lambert's "Mad Hatter" outfit from "If I Had You" music video.

Train Heartnet from Black Cat
Secret Cosplay

Recent Complete Cosplays
Ikuto Tsukiyomi - Shugo Chara! School uniform with black and white lined blazer version
Jaden Yuki - YGO GX Season 4 version

~Cosplay lists never end... I have so many in my head I fear I will forget them... I have made a journal of all the characters I wish to achieve and keep on adding.~

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