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Name of Commissioner : limebarb

Website/ gallery :

Character commissioned and series/video game : Krad [DNAngel]

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item : will post one later.

Timeline (how long your order took to process) : Commissioned in Feburary, recieved September 24, 3 weeks after my deadline.

Pros : The coat was well made. I don't see it falling apart. It fits perfectly. Fairly quick at answering e-mails. Sends pictures of what you are recieving before shipping. Provides tracking numbers.

Cons : Ugh. I'm so disapointed:

-For one, for whatever reason, they decided to make the lining of my coat as a separate piece, like a dress almost. They made the shirt part of the costume purple when it was supposed to be white. [this was not included in the picture i received before shipped.]
-Secondly...I commissioned this in February for September 5. I see no reason why it was 3 weeks late. I didn't even get to wear it at my con.
-There are a lot of loose threads on the costume, which worries me slightly.
-She didn't send me my full costume. She did not mail me my pants.
-It took me to email her first to inquire as to why my costume was late. And each day she would say "I'm sending it out tomorrow" and it just seemed like tomorrow would never come. This went on for 2 weeks.

Comments : Meh. I don't want to really start a hatred on Limebarb, but I don't feel that this outfit was worth my $405 that I paid. I am extremely disappointed, [I did hear bad things about them, but I heard more great than I did negative, and I have friends who ordered from them that highly reccomended them] but I did commission something else from them for October...[prior to receiving this outfit] something not as expensive. I hope it comes out a lot better [and I will post here again if it does] and turns my feelings about them around, but I'm not happy with them right now at all.

Final Grade : C
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