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Name of Commissioner: doyea_mj

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier (white/pink promotional poster dress and hat)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: In my profile.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Ordered 08/10/09, delivered 09/15/09

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

: Beautiful dress and pretty accurate. I really liked the quality and it looked great on me. =] The seller was very good with emails and even provided a tracking number. Arrived in time for NYAF 2009 and worked very well during the convention, I was quite happy.

Cons: When the costume arrived, I was a bit shock a lot of the pieces had to be safety pinned on, I thought they were attached. Which included the cuff links (figured it would be buttons, but I had to safety pin it together), the bow and tail. The costume was also obviously too large for me, I know most of these sellers on Ebay just pull out a costume close to you're size and not actually make one for you. But figured it would not be too off, I could work with a one inch difference. When I put it on, their was a lot of empty space in the breast area (about 3-4 inches) - I am a B cup and it's obvious the dress was for a C, I had to buy a convertible bra (Victoria Secret $58 dollars) with very thick water cushions just to make up for space. :X The waist area was also about 3 inches to large, you could see a large open gap in the back of the dress, when it's supposed to be snug against my body, not away from it. The way I made the dress fit, was basically to cinch myself like a corset with ribbons (the dress overlapped in the back because of this but was not too noticeable), I also used around ten safety pins in the breast area, because the inside cups fell off (poorly sewed in, literally ONE stitch) and I safety pinned both breast fabric pieces together from the inside to prevent "pop outs." I also tightened the top ribbon half (that went around the neck) to bring up the dress a lot more (a bit uncomfortable), again, to give the appearance I was larger and actually fit into the top half of my dress when I really didn't. So basically with a lot of cinching and safety pins, I made the dress fit. It was kinda painful, long to do, and many times pieces were pulled off by the slightest tug, so I stopped around 20 times for my boyfriend to fix it for me because I couldn't reach it myself. This is also a dress that is literally impossible to put on yourself, you have to get help, because of the way it was made (ribbons in the back, safety pin bow, then tail after ribbons are cinched on the dress). If more pieces were originally attached together, it probably would not have that problem. And oh, the hat was really cute, though a pain to safety pin it to my wig (ordered from a different seller).
Sooo, I did contact the seller, and asked him what he planned to do to fix this. He simply replied "sorry it don't fit, use safety pins." I was PISSED and on a mission now, I was nice before, but turned vicious with that response. I threatened to open a paypal dispute, leave negative feedback, wanted him to overnight me a new costume that actually fit me, that my convention was coming up very fast and I was unhappy with his service. He emailed back he was sorry, that he would give me a Vocaloid costume in L overnight shipping if I wanted. I replied I wanted my Macross dress and I am a small, not large! Next email again said he was sorry and wanted me to prove that the measurements I provided were the right ones. So I took pictures of me measuring myself (to show the numbers) as well as pictures of how the dress was so loose on my body. With this, he immediately turned into the most wonderful seller in existance. I believe he must of thought I was trying to scam him and get a free fitting dress out of it. But he did refund me ALL my money (dress + shipping + insurance) for my dress and even said I could keep it, if I left him good feedback. I was all for this. I figured, I could make adjustments myself, even if I had to pay for alterations, not bad all in all for a free dress. I was able to use the extra money for the convention itself. However, if the dress was like 10 inches too big, I would of sent it back and requested another dress and told him to keep the money, I would just want him to pay for the shipping back. But since it was 3-4 inches, I figured I could just safety pin the stuffings out of myself. :P And besides, my convention was a week away, I did not want to be without a costume. I know I already had my Yuna, but I wanted a second one x.x.

Final Grade: B-
Would be an F if he didn't refund me and an A if it fit/did not have a lot of safety pin pieces. But the dress was very pretty, pretty good quality suprisingly since I heard many of these sellers have bad quality (thrown together costumes, not accurate) and he did fix his mistake, so I will buy from him again.

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