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I agree with Chaz about the dealers hall.

Well I have been going to Anime Vegas since the second year it opened.If Rich need me to assist him I can do it but from LA.I Met friends and kept friends in AnimeVegas.
Cashman is pretty good venue but its got its weakness.
We got lucky this year because the heat was a bit mild compared to the past.
The other non VO panels needs more draw.
I was only able to go the actor's panel but I missed a few because I was part of the Masquerade on monday.
I really wasnt sure about the separate single Masquerade. I still think it would have been better if they put them in the same night.I prefer to relax on the last day of the con which I wasnt able to do.I probably wont do it again.
The concerts was running really late, they should evaluate that .
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