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Originally Posted by xichigo View Post
Has anyone ordered from **SPAM BAN** yet? I mean their site is a main ad that's advertised ON right now.
Ironic, considering they're also spambanned.

Aaand another Merchant Review for me!

Name of Merchant: laurawu_123 (ebay)
Item purchased: Light pink ponytail extension clip.
Links to picture(s) of your received item: EDIT 11/10: Here ya go:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Ordered on September 19th, item shipped on the 21st, and arrived on the 30th. So about 2 business weeks?
Describe your Experience: Was a little wary of what I would receive as I know some people have had issues with not getting what was pictured, but it was on sale and shipping was free so I went for it.

All notifications for payment, shipping etc. were received promptly, and for an overseas seller shipping was actually pretty darn fast- only 2 business weeks, really.

Went to pick up the week's mail today and got it. The way it's packaged is sorta like it's rolled up in its packaging, but it's in a hairnet and nothing was really tangled apart from strands catching in the teeth of the comb clip, which is sorta expected. A quick brush-out and it was ready! The fiber is very soft and doesn't tangle badly at all. The color and everything was just as pictured.

A warning for those ordering it to match Cosworx's Light Pink color- Cosworx's Pink is SLIGHTLY more yellowy in hue and this Light Pink (which I've noticed seems to be the standard for all Japanese and Hong Kong light pink wigs, or so it seems to me) which has a SLIGHTLY more purpley hue to it. It's not noticeable unless you look really close though, it's really just a brand difference.

Final Grade: A+! Didn't have any issues, and the product is very nice. I would order from them again.
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