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Originally Posted by snowkirby View Post
@Lina-chan: Wowwww the concert is that close to you =O? I'm jealous! I hope you have a great time ^^ the Formal Celes sounds really pretty!

@tarinalove: Honestly I only played 5 min of a friend's copy of FFIII but I love Refia's Freelancer outfit as well ^^! I'm not sure where you would find the tunic/dress in that similar style unless you got SUPER lucky at the thrift store. But if you'd like you can probably get a commission done for the dress and add everything else yourself to save on money/time . I haven't commissioned anything before though, but there are some ads here at the marketplace, as well as this VERY helpful thread on reviews so you can look for which commissioners are recommended or not.

If you're looking to make the vest yourself, you can probably find a denim dress at a thrift store, cut it up, and add the details to it .
Oh thank you
Yeah, I'm going to see if I can find a "boyfriend sweater" and cut off the sleeves X)
And I might have my friends mom commission it. The dress looks SUPER easy though. I'm just a crappy seamstress

And Sutie: You're so pretty as Refia :} you inspire me.
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