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Actually all of my friends are Cosplayers too.
I'm SO happy that we're nearly all in the same school and class, so we can talk about cosplay without having someone who's like "Oo wut?".
I do have friends who are absolutely NOT into cosplay at all. They know what Anime is (they all watched Sailor Moon (some even Pokemon and of course Dragonball ) or Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne when it aired on TV in Germany ) and are okay with me as a cosplayer.
They think it's pretty cool that I can sew and make the props by myself. (They all freaked out about my Agito wings, because they think they're "sooo cute" and how I looked as Jasdero with the bodypaint etc. ) Other than that . . .hm yeah. They're actually all cool with it. As long as I don't try to convince them into cosplay (which I would never ever do. it's their choice, if they're interested in it, I tell them what I know, but if not, that's totally fine.)
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