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Commissioner name: Aya_love
Character commissioned: Ciel Phantomhive's trap version gown

Pros: the dress was well made and had a built in petticoat that she added herself. Replies fast.

Cons: I've worked with her before and chatted with her on msn. She sent me pictures of the dress she had made before and quoted me 260 for everything. I trusted her because i bought some of her cosplays before. It took about three weeks and she replied very quickly to my emails. When i got the dress, it was not what I had expected. The dress was shiny and the bust was too big so the dress slid off me. D: the small hat was made into a giant sunhat and the flowers fell off when i tried on the hat. the gloves were loose and looked crappy. I was really disappointed and contacted her about it. She hasn't responded yet.

Pictures: pictures that she claimed that it was hers:

the pictures of the costume i got:

Final grade: C+

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