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Originally Posted by Erzebet View Post
If it doesn't say so on the site, how do I know how long I can wear them for? I was thinking of buying the Venus Violet from here but I don't want to pay for contacts I can't wear as long as I need to.
I really cannot answer this with specifics as there are too many variables. What I mean to say is that you should get to an eye doctor if you are seriously considering contact lenses. Lenses are made from different materials and only an eye doctor would be able to tell whether the material the Venus lenses are made from will be compatible with your eyes.

Furthermore, there are other things to consider such as base curve and diameter. Venus lenses are available only in the standard 8.6/14 measurements but if your eyes do not fit said standard measurements, your lenses will be uncomfortable to wear and can damage your eyes. Lastly, while lenses may be rated for 10-12 hours of wear, dependent upon your eyes, maybe your eye doctor says you should only wear them for 8 hours. There are so many things to consider when dealing with contact lenses and they need to be taken seriously because vision is precious.

Spending the $50+ for an eye exam & fitting + lens cost is a much better alternative to suffering from eye damage etc due to ill-fitting/incompatable lenses.
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