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Originally Posted by Kuuriku-silver View Post
I was wondering if there is any recommendations for online bought colored contacts, such as a price range of $20-35 with various of choices? It would be mine and my boyfriends first time buying and putting on contacts. And we are worried of websites who sells contact lens would rip us off or that the quality of the lens aren't very good and might do harm to our eyes. Any words of advice to the lost?
I would be worried about more than "getting ripped off". Please read below:

Originally Posted by ion View Post
What I mean to say is that you should get to an eye doctor if you are seriously considering contact lenses. Lenses are made from different materials and only an eye doctor would be able to tell whether certain lens materials will be compatible with your eyes.

Furthermore, there are other things to consider such as base curve and diameter. If you choose the wrong base curve or diameter for your eyes your lenses will be uncomfortable to wear and can damage your eyes....There are so many things to consider when dealing with contact lenses and they need to be taken seriously because vision is precious.

Spending the $50+ for an eye exam & fitting + lens cost is a much better alternative to suffering from eye damage etc due to ill-fitting/incompatable lenses.
I'm not sure what Walmart charges currently for eye exams and fittings, but visiting a Walmart vision center is a cheap way to get an exam.

You can get lenses directly from an eye doctor so you know you'll:
a.) Actually get them
b.) Know they're legit and not made of sub-par materials that will damage your eyes
c.) Often get a better deal because drs offices have access to specials etc not offered to consumers

And if you decide not to get your lenses directly from an eye doctor, the first posts contain a huge list of places to buy from by price range and by color/design. Good luck!
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