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Originally Posted by Kuuriku-silver View Post
Is it possible to wear my prescription glasses over a non-prescription lens? I don't have enough money to buy prescription lens, much less an red lens. But without my glasses I'm blind as a bat and can hardy see the faces of people 20 feet away.

One time at the con I took off my glasses for about 10 min and somehow I had accidentally mistaken a popular cosplayer group with another right in front of their faces. I was so embarrassed and I don't want to walk around without my glasses at a convention ever again!

What should I do, get prescription lens or just keep removing my glasses in-n-out during a convention?
There's no reason you cannot wear your glasses while wearing plano lenses, it won't affect your vision and it's not like the glasses are "in" your eyes along with contact lenses. A lot of people do this and remove glasses just for photos and photoshoots. No one is going to yell at you for wearing glasses when you're walking around the convention - really, there are a lot of glasses-wearers, we all understand the situation.

It's ultimately up to what you are most comfortable doing. In my last post I was merely stressing the importance of getting an eye exam and lens fitting if you are going to get lenses, whether they are powered or plano.

I cannot tell you what you should do - you need to decide this for yourself. Here are some questions from the first page that may help you decide what you should do - answer honestly to yourself:
What: are you using them for? To add to a cosplay, to get glasses off your face?
When: will you wear them? Just for that one cosplay, just one time, or can they be used for many costumes or daily wear? Will you wear them often?
How: much money are you willing to spend? Initial eye exam/fittings cost $50+ and add the price of lenses, don't cheap out and get counterfit lenses
When: do you want them? During peak season like Halloween, many offices and shops are being bombarded with appointments and purchases, plan ahead.
Are: you responsible enough to take care of your lenses AND your eyes? Be honest with yourself here.
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