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Exclamation Warhammer 40,000

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only costumes!

In this thread we chat about WH40K costumes; trade tips on construction; post progress and receive encouragement; show off completed costumes; and even schedule gatherings at various cons. I will keep this head post updated with useful links and information.

Warhammer 40,000 (also WH40000, WH40K, or just 40K) is a sci-fi universe where the galaxy is constantly torn by war between many powerful factions. Robot zombies, demons, genetically-engineered super-soldiers, space elves, hive-minded insects, giant robots, and orks clash with a variety of chunky and intimidating weapons. The various units are highly customizable, with different color schemes and weapons, so options for costumes are almost limitless.

The factions:
Space Marines: The elite heroes of the universe. Super-soldiers in power armor
Imperial Guard: Millions of average Joes pressed into combat by cruel officers, like in World War One.
Sisters of Battle: Nuns with guns. Female Space Marines.
Inquisition: The secret police, bent on uncovering and eliminating treachery.
Chaos: Evil Space Marines and Demons.
Necrons: Robot zombies bent on the destruction of all life.
Tyranids: Giant insects bent on eating all life. Totally not the Zerg.
Eldar: Ancient, psychic, snooty. Elves in space.
Dark Eldar: Goth Elves in space.
Orks: Orks iz made for fightin' and winnin'!
Tau: Idealistic youngsters fight with big guns and giant robots. Just like anime!

Games Workshop: Browse the website of the creators of WH40K and see at least one picture of every miniature.
Cool Mini Or Not: thousands of miniatures painted by hundreds of painters. Search for your favorite and be inspired by different color schemes and conversions.
Warhammer 40 Wiki: Lots of information about everything 40K. Not many pictures.
List of Space Marine Chapters: Over 200 emblems and color schemes.
Imperial Guard Regiments: Descriptions of the most notable regiments.
LexicanumLots of information about the WH40K universe and pictures of miniatures.

Techniques: tips and tutorials about materials and construction
SushiKai explains how he built his Bolt Pistol
SushiKai's tip for painting a purity seal
Instructions for a few props from TJ
kaaskop and MrDue explain how they made their Space Marine armor.
Pepkura patterns for Space Marine armor from CDF_Vagabond A forum for Halo costumes, but most of the techniques for creating armor and weapons can be applied to Warhammer.
Obcurus Crusade A young forum dedicated to WH40K costumes.[/url]

none so far

...continued in next post...

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