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Warhammer 40,000 Costumes:

Jack Doud's Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive is far more complete than this list. It's quite impressive.

Space Marines
Terminator Chaplain by FullMetalSam
Black Templar Space Marine by MrDue
Black Templar Space Marine Captain by kaaskop
Blood Raven Space Marine by mathoz
Ultramarine Space Marine by Weetobix
Three Space Marines by jchas26
Dreadnought by jenko
Space Marines by el_gringo_dado

Imperial Guard
Commissar Ciaphas Cain by SushiKai
Commisar by Faramon
Death Korps Trooper by Entlassen
Inquisitionstrupp 23 an entire platoon, including fortifications and heavy weapons
Matsuo's Lasguns.
Female Commisar by MischaU
Cadian Guardsman by StrykerCrewman
Praetorian Sergeant by Leadmill

Sisters of Battle
Saint Sabbat by Vividwings
Sister of Battle by Desse
Sister of Battle by SushiKai (and wife!)
Sister of Battle by NerdPrincess
Sister of Battle by happymel
Sister of Battle by Adamoluna
Sister of Battle by VisualGoth
Sister of Battle by SaberFreak and J.Na
Sister of Battle by MischaU
Sister Repentia by Snowsaber

Other servants of the Imperium
Inquisitor by Vividwings
Vindicare Assassin by SvK

Other races
Eldar Harlequin by Gravely
Ork Warboss by Abevanhelsing
Herald of Chaos by makeitdirty
Tau Firewarrior by mathoz

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