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Originally Posted by CDKat View Post
OK ill poke... Im 6ft1 and i have a terrible body. And is unlikely i can pass, but please tell. ^^"

Full pics:

So.. can i pass? Any suggestions?
Wait....I'm so sorry, but which gender are you asking if you can pass as? You didn't specify. If you're trying to pass as a woman, then I'd say you're doing a fantastic job.

Anyway, might as well ask about myself too, while I'm here.

I'm a girl, btw. I don't think it's THAT are to tell.

This is my costume makeup for the cosplay I plan on carrying out this month. It doesn't seem to show up too well on camera, but do I appear to be sufficiently masculine? I personally don't think so, but it's others whose opinions really matter, since I won't be looking at me all day. XD
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