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I finally got off my tail and got around to getting up an image gallery of the Herald of Chaos costume I've been working on this year. For anyone interested, it's up on my profile - apologies for not linking it in the thread, but apparently every time I do, my post gets nabbed by the site spam filter (also apologies if I have like crazy duplication of posts popping up later ).

I ended up doing two chainswords for this one as the first was a bit bulkier and heavier than I would've liked and I wanted to try using a few different techniques on the second one. The bolt pistol I'm not entirely happy with as a finished product, but I wanted something that looked kinda gothic/baroque in style on the gun, so in the end I went with "good enough." My next time around I'd probably try for something a little more realistic in the gun department.

I noticed in SvC's OP that there is a greater lack of Inquisitorial presence than I thought there would be, which I guess gives me more incentive to start thinking about an Inquisitor costume at this point.

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