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Punky XL- color 130 (Red auburn)
Character: Reno from FF

out of the bag:
After lots of cutting got2be hair cement and freeze spray:


And I know sometimes people put amphigory wigs too since they're just as popular so here's a couple I used.

Really Long Wig- Blonde (Thats the name-it's weird)
Character: Chi from Chobits

Client requested double thickness so it has to of these wigs attached together since the loose wefts would be too short seeing as how the wig is 60" long. Bangs were curled using a steamer.

Innocent? wig- Very Light Blonde 613
Character: Rachel Alucard from Blaz Blue

It was taken out of its ponytails, then put back up leaving the front half down. but before putting the pigtails back in. 1 1/2 48" extensions were added to each side in the middle of the pigtail. then the wig was straightened using the hot water method. The bangs were left alone. after drying, the pigtails were razor cut down to smooth into the extensions leaving the puffiness at the base of the pigtails. The side bangs were cut and the ends curled. Then the ribbons were added last.

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