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Southern California Ice Skating Gathering! (Pasadena 12-6-09)

UPDATE: According to accuweather 'a touch of rain' is possible for this Sunday. Though I know there is a very good chance that the weather will change, it never hurts to be prepared! Don't forget that umbrella and/or poncho if the weather prediction doesn't change!

Hey everyone! With the winter season coming up, my good friend RabidXNinetails and I decided that it would be an awesome idea to have an ice skating gathering in the So Cal region! With how much fun we’ve had in the past years, we decided to give it a try and co-host it this time around. We’ve decided to have it at the Pasadena Ice Skating Center. It is located in a very nice area with plenty of places to eat across the street at the Paseo and in Old Town just a few blocks away! I hope that everyone will enjoy themselves! Don’t forget to bring your winter themed cosplays!

We will meet right outside the rink and go in at 1:00. If you plan to come later than 1, feel free to meet us inside.

If you plan to skate, please make sure you are able to skate in it! We don’t want you tripping over your costume or anything falling off!

Rules from the skating rink! I copied and pasted this from an email I received.

For your safety just make sure that they are not dragging anything and that
your faces are not covered. Yes no cameras (on the ice), no skating in groups of 3 or
more, no sitting on the boards, everyone skates in the same direction,
playing tag or keep away is not allowed, do not cross trough the center of
the ice no camel spins are allowed and the directions of our skate guars
must be obey at all times.
RSVP by posting here!

This post will be updated with further guidelines and rules from the skating rink!

Date: Sunday December 6, 2009
Start time: 12:30
End time: ?
Where: Pasadena Ice Skating Center
310 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 578-0800

Skate Session:

Admission: $7
Skate Rental: $3

Chiisuchina (Gijinka Glaceon)
RabidXNinetails (Edward Elric)
~Kyuubi~ (Christmas Black Star)
]-Katsu-[ (Death the Kid)
burpinet (?)
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Fullmetal(Christmas Jaden Yuki)
ninjagal6 + sister (APH)
Hitomi-chan99 (Maka)
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Costumes in Progress:
Nia Teppelin (Short hair)- 80%
James Potter- 90%
Kenny McCormick- 10%

Costumes Planned:

Iceland - 0%

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