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Originally Posted by StarryShay View Post
I have a question about crossplaying that I hope someone can help me with. I just recently got everything for my Len Kagamine cosplay together, that I wore to a convention~, and I noticed that the mascara I was wearing kind of made me look more girl'ish. What's a good way to wear make-up when your crossplaying so that your eyes still stand out, but you don't look too feminine? C:
Also, I don't really have a...bust (or rather, it's barely noticable. >>), so should I still worry about binding~?
Len -->
I hope this is the right place to ask. <3
I would suggest, though I'm not the greatest makeup person, that you use a tinge to square out your jaw more and instead of black eyeliner/mascara a brownish.....also, you might thicken your eyebrows. There's better information on makeup in the makeup section, if you just search for masculine makeup techniques or crossplay makeup. As for binding, I suppose it's how your costume fits and your bust size. I'm about a 36C and I still bind, since I've done Zack, who wears a tight shirt. I also bind while doing Reno, who has a baggy shirt but I just like to stay on the safe side. Hope this helps!
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