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Hey there, and dzien dobry! *waves*
WOAH D: ! Hallo!

Unless you're absolutely set on going to AnimagiC, and AnimagiC only - may I recommend Connichi as well? ^_^
I was thinking about Connichi as well, but I prefer summer convention (becouse of having free time). I heard that Connichi and AnimagiC are the best so if I'll like AnimagiC I'll try to go on Connichi ^^

you need to present your costume to the judges up close and answer questions about construction details, etc.
It is really hard for me to imagine that judges ask me about my question in german and I have to answer XD" but I guess then they'll do it in english (I was thinking about participating in contest) :P

Aside from the cosplay competition, there are other stage shows involving cosplay (so-called "show groups" or musical groups) that you can watch if you have a con pass to get inside the hall.
Wow, that's great In Poland we have cosplay contests too but I'm really curious about german cosplay - how it looks like and how looks your conventions ^^

Tell me, please - what actually this DCM is? I guess it isn't only a side for M&A&Japan fans.

Thank you very much for your post <3

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