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Thanks for the comment on BW vs Color. That was actually one of 5 different black and white variations on this one shotand as I am sure you can see the color one is HDR but not tonemapped in a way to make it look too false. It was done to give a bit of sureallistic look to the background. But everyone has different takes and different likes. There are some rules of posing and composition broken in the shots. As to the pose It is one of about 3 hours of poses with the model. While it is not at an angle or profile I think this model is small enough to pull it off. Yes the side stance is considered to be more masculine/dominant. With alot of models I am constantly saying "give me more toe" ( e.g point one foot more towards me to turn your body ) This model actually looked good both ways IMHO and did not need the slimming effect of only shooting angles. She also could get by showing arms which can be a problematic area. So while not technically in the "rules of posing" as its not at an angle and there is no S or C curve I felt it had a good feel. The composition does not follow the rule of thirds or even really the golden ratio. A little straightening in the crop to level the rail may be a good thing. So thanks for the input on that too many continouss hours of editing makes you miss the obvious sometime. But where even that was a hard fast composition rule 20 years ago its more accepted now. You even see photos croped on the diagonal making everything in it off level without following the golden triangle. But I agree that I should fix that. Before some of these images are submitted for a show I'll take a fresh look at them.

This was my personal favorite from the shoot. Window light as the main with fill from a single strobe shooting through an umbrella as close as possible with the light still out of frame to try to soften it a bit. But again it may not be everyones favorite and I did not process it B&W

The one that I felt gave best effect of the location were these two

But still I feel after the help on the other forum question and at other sites that I need more technology to get more of a "steam" feel to them

Again thanks to everyone on both threads for your help

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