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Originally Posted by Everin View Post
Hi everybody ^_^. I'm working on my Dragoon Shana cosplay. My friend Miranda (lol i know) and I were both ecstatic to learn that we both loved the game while trying to plan out the years cosplays. She is planing to go as Rose (not sure on the version yet) and I'm going as Dragoon Shana. Provided we finish in time we will be showing them off at acen 2010 ^_^.

I'm confident in my wing building ability and pleated skirt sewing, but I'm in a panic about how to even start on the armor skirt pattern. The best reference i've found on google is the link i posted above. Any advice?
What I normally do when making armor is to simply make it out of cardboard/craft foam and just keep cutting/reshaping until it looks right. It also helps a lot if you have a reference size to scale to based on the picture.

Essentially what that means is look at the size of her hand or some other point on her body, measure the person who is wearing the outfit in the same way (hand, head, height) figure out how many times bigger the actual hand/head etc is and then you should have a factor to multiply. Such as for my one cosplay I figured out that everything in the picture was 15.16 times smaller so I took every measurement on the picture in inches and multiplied by 15.16 to get the exact measurements.

Once you have the measurements you simply build the actual thing out of a foam or cardboard and once the shape is done/correct you start working with foam, wonderflex, paper mache, whatever you are making the literal armor out of.

I know that's a lot to process but it's pretty much the only way you're going to get a pattern for that armor skirt since you aren't going to find anything that is really similar and your best bet is to just make a belt out of foam and cut away until it looks right.
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