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Wow, great job Michi! I am having so much fun going through your new compiled list. I figured I'd contribute some more Cosworx wigs to the thread!

Linda XXL and Wisp in 24 (medium blonde):
I frankensteined the two wigs together to make a ponytail wig.

Punky XL in 14 (light golden brown):
I noticed there isn't an example yet of New Look color 14, and I must say this is a very pretty neutral, ashy color! Also, the back has been thinned out to make an awesome rattail.

Punky XL in 613A (platinum blonde):

Punky XL in 1B/GREENTL (black with green tips):
This has green and light blue extensions sewn into the bottom that I got at a local wig store.

Punky in fire red:
This was tinted more red with the FW ink dye method. Can you tell I like punky wigs? Holy crap.

Alicia XL in fire red:

Clover in silver with dark red Cosworx wefts sewn in:

That's it.... for now.

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