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KFDA/GMP Approved Lenses

For what it's worth here's a starter list of Korean FDA approved lens brands and manufacturers. (GMP is the official KFDA's name). If you happen to purchase or receive lenses from Korea, you can refer back to this list if you question lens safety.

Manufacturers are BOLD
Brands are in (PARENTHESES)

BelMore Inc
(Illusion: Black Circle, Shine, Luxury 1.2, Secret// Luxury Series- Big Color Lens: BML, V10, AV models )

Create Eyewear (Create)

Dueba (Dueba)

Envoy Vision (Envoy)

EOS (DollyEye, Adult Series, Nature, Pure Series, etc)

G&G (G&G/GnG)

Geo Medical (Geo)

Geo Forgery Checks. Check to see if your lenses are legit: <----Chinese <----English <----Chinese

i-Medico aka iMedi (A-BONO, NEOS, FANCY LENS)

InnoVision (InnoCircle, InnoColor)

Kano International (Teenyan)

LensMam (Cosmo, SeeShell)

Luxury Vision (Bio-Vision, Flux-con, FreshEyeLook, Dazzler Eyes, Impressions)

Medios (BONO)

Megatrend International (Arin, e'Leece)

Sunnbon (i.Fairy, Black Gold, Pretty, Kitty Kawaii, Mi-in, Vassen)

Unisun Technologies
(Emcol, EH-CCMo, EL-CCMo, EM-CCMo, EY-CCMo, ED-CCMo, Circle Lens Line: EY-CyCy, EM-CyCy, EJ-CyCy, ED-CyCy, 1-Tone lens line: SoLi, black circle lens, Tear-lens, Fancy Lens)
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