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Prop Tutorial: Sheryl's Mike (Macross Frontier)

Let's make Sheryl's mike with lionboard!

Here we're going to try to make Sheryl's mike with a styrofoam rod and some lionboard! You should be able to get your hands on the styrofoam rod at your local home center or hardware store, you can choose whatever size best suits you. Just be sure to choose something that you'll be able to wrap the lionboard around (in other words, take into account the thickness of the lionboard when choosing your rod).

Materials list:
1. Lionboard
2. cutter knife (razor pen)
3. sandpaper
4. stryofoam rod
5. glue gun
6. carpenter's glue
7. gold wire
8. spray paint (laquer) in gold
9. top coat (glossy finish)

Step 1. Cut and lay out your lionboard

First cut the lionboard as shown in the diagram. Make sure you cut enough "D" parts to cover the whole circumference of your mike.

Step 2. Sanding

Sand the ends of your lionboard pieces to get a slightly rounded edge. This way when you put them in place around the rod, they'll look more finished.

Step 3. Cut the mike head

Now let's cut the top of the styrofoam rod in the shape of the mike head. Take off just a little at a time, being careful not to cut too much.

Step 4. Stick the lionboard to the head

Using the glue gun, stick piece A to the (short tip of the) head, and attatch piece B around the neck beneath. Glue both C pieces over top of piece B to complete the shape of the mic-head.

Step 5. Stick the lionboard to the body of the mic

Attach piece E to the bottom end of your mike then wrap the D pieces diagonally around the styrofoam rod, gluing as you go. Cut the last piece to fit.

(continued in next post)

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