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Prop Tutorial: Sheryl's Mike (Macross Frontier) -Part 2-

Step 6. Seal with glue

If your prop is left as it is, it's only a matter of time until it comes apart, so cover the whole thing with waterproof glue (like the carpenter's glue shown above). Dry and repeat 3~5 times.

Step 7. Make the antenna

Use your uncut lionboard and cut a strip to cover your gold wire (about the width of your thumb from the look of it). Bend the lionboard and wire into a triangular shape as shown.

Step 8. Seal the antenna with glue

(not mentioned, but shown: a small piece of lionboard has been used to tip/hide the ends of the antenna and hold the wire together) Repeat the process from step 6 with your antenna. Dry and repeat multiple times.

Step 9. Paint with gold spraypaint

When the glue has completely dried, spray both the mike and the prop with gold spraypaint. Repeat the process several times to make sure the paint doesn't shrink or fade.

Step 10. Attatch the antenna to your prop

press the wire carefully through the styrofoam core of your mike. You should only try this after you've checked that the spray paint is completely dry.

Step 11. Spray with a topcoat

To add a nice shine finish, let's spray the prop with a topcoat. Be careful to do this in a well-ventilated area.

In action (modelled by Setsura):

*December 2009

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