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Name of Commissioner: Gneila

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series: Hatake Kakashi Vest from Naruto

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: I will post later

Timeline: about 2 months. I needed the vest for Halloween.

Experience: Alright, I'm going to be straight and brutally honest. This is probably the worst experience I have ever had in my entire life of buying something online. I hired this Gneila person to create a Hatake Kakashi military vest from the anime Naruto. She was very cooperative in the beginning, but after she took my money, it was as if she robbed the bank and high-tailed it outta there. All communication was essentially lost. She would never reply to my emails or instant messages. And when she did, it would be useless one liners such as "I'm working on it," or "I'm working on the pockets." Even almost a month into the project, she would still say "i'm working on pockets." But in all honesty, no one with "over 25 years of sewing experience" would take over 2 weeks to "work on some pockets," unless you belong in the category of "dimwitted moron" or just plain old lazy procrastinator.

Before I paid Gneila the cash, I told her that I wanted to be on the "inside," basically I wanted to be there every step of the way in order to provide feedback on how each part of the jacket should look, and so forth. Cosplay stuff is very abstract, and I understand it is difficult to make something from a cartoon. That was why I wanted to be in the loop. This did not happen. In fact, she kept me in the dark the entire time, despite my multiple demands of progress pictures (which never happened).

About a month in, I had the looming suspicion that the vest has not even begun worked on, even though she says it has. A week before the vest was due, I basically kept asking her for progress. The deadline was coming soon and at this point, I have absolutely no news on the vest other than "you will get it in time." Well, 3 and a half days before the deadline, she sends me a picture of the vest, and I was absolutely in shock. The vest didn't really look like the picture at all. The collar was too short, collar wasn't inflated enough, the spiral on the back had smeared and leaked ink, the chest pocket clasps weren't centered, and the vest was missing the folded material on the bottom. I tell this to her, and she goes into a huge tantrum. I wish I could post the conversation log here, but since I'm a nice guy, I will do her a favor and save her from the humiliation. But just to summarize, she started typing in bold 40 point font and "yelled" at me for being His Majesty, and whining about every little detail. I mean, this is MY vest, and I hired you! C'mon. I'm not paying her to stand there and look silly. I hired you to make progress, and she had some nerve to to throw a huge fit at me! I told her that this is what happens when you leave someone in the dark and decide to fly solo without consulting me on the details. She later says that she felt "humiliated" that I didn't trust her , so thats why she decided to do everything herself.

I told her that all this stuff is wrong and that she needs to fix it. She then tells me that I will get what I see and that will be that, because fixing things will result in spending more money to buy materials, and that she will not waste this time on such a whiny person like myself. Well in the end, I told her to drop the project, and to keep whatever money I paid her as material costs. Don't even bother to mail the vest and I won't be mailing her the rest of the money. I had enough!! At this point, she suddenly decided that she wasn't mad anymore and apologized and everything. And she offered to fix everything. She ended up redoing most of the parts that I complained about, and the vest expressed mailed to my house the day before halloween. I'm still not satisfied with the vest though. I even had to correct some of the mistakes myself and I had to spend extra money to do so. Apparently, I talked to a couple of people who have hired Gneila before, and it looks like this is a pretty common problem with her. She is completely unresponsive, and getting a straight forward answer from her is harder than finding diversity in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. My advice, go somewhere else, and save yourself from the numerous headaches. I'll give her a D+ for effort (or lack of).

Pros: I received it on halloween.

Cons: Unresponsive and poor quality.

Final Grade: D+

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