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Name of Commissioner: Xeno-designs , designer Jessica

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Lumiere from Kiddy Grade, costume

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: I first contacted Jessica on october 24, my costume was ready by november 27. It arrived in the mail on december 9 (from Canada to Belgium).

Pros: The costume is an accurate version of Lumiereís. It has no sewing flaws, doesnít look messy or cheap (I think sometimes cosplay can look somewhat messy or cheap, probably because of the fabric choice). It fits very well (in the future, I will post some pictures of me wearing it). There are hidden snap buttons at the top which makes it very easy to put the costume on. And this way, I donít stretch out or rip the fabric while pulling it over my hips. Communication was very good, I allways got quick replys to my emails. The shipping price turned out to be a lot cheaper so I got a refund for the amount I paid extra.

Cons: I canít really think of anything

Comments: My costume was ready in 4 weeks, which was fast in my opinionÖ and I said she didnít have to rush (no deadline), she had another commission, she got sick in those 4 weeks and she couldnít find the right buttons for the front of the costume. So actually even with some delay it only took 4 weeks! If my budget was bigger I would have definitely ordered the wig too, because Jessica seems to be quite good at wigstyling (you can see on her website).

Final Grade: A+
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