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Originally Posted by Sarcasm-hime View Post
I'm not sure what I'm doing yet; I'm sure there'll be a few Folio designs that tempt me, and I have two ideas to choose between for the Historical. Had big plans for the F&SF but they will depend on the group leader's availability (currently up in the air) so we'll have to see.
Yeah *^_^* my bad! ^_^;; LOL! I think that particular project is going to have to wait until CC29. I am glad in a way however as it will give me a chance to source some more materials.

I'm sad that the Single Pattern choices this year are items that are really only flattering to slimmer, smallchested body types. I suppose I could really heavily modify one of them, but I'm not sure how much I could do and still be in the spirit of the event. Hm.. I just love the single pattern though. I look forward to seeing what other people do for it. ^_^

I might try the Future Fashion Folio this year. I usually design for it, but I've never made anything yet.

As for the SF & F, I'm not sure I could do anything Costume Con worthy as a solo contestant.

I definately want to enter one of the shows this year.
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