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Questions about the Sigma brand

So... I'm taking a creative photography class in collage, and it requires a 35MM camera. I've always loved photography and, now that I can, I decided that I would like to delve further into the art.

The problem? The camera.

I have a canon rebel and all I can say is that I... dislike it. For various reasons. Lack of quality photos being the main.

What I'm looking at now is a SIGMA SA-7n 35MM. It's used, but apparently has taken only around 100 pictures, and comes with two lenses, a 28-80MM and a 70-300 MM (both bring me immeasurable joy, haha XD).

So I was wondering... has anyone had experience with a Sigma SA-7n? Or any Sigma, in general? What's the photo quality like? How complicated are they (smash them to bits in frustration vs regular sigh grumble vs wow that was easy)?

Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong area. I looked around for a better place and didn't see one.
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