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Originally Posted by dangofreak646 View Post
I'm doing a Sasuke cosplay, his original blue outfit (or the black one, just not Shippuden as it's too much chest bared for my C/D cups).
I have a 36 C cup and even with a open shirt, there are ways to bind and it still look good. Though I'm sure there are different methods much better than mine, if you still want to do that costume, may I suggest a look into the binding thread?

Originally Posted by dangofreak646 View Post
I have an hourglass shape, measured 35-26-39 (bust-waist-hips) and have no idea how to fix my waist(too small) or my back(pushed forward). I have limited resources as my 'rentals choose what I get and they don't know I'm going to crossplay, so I would have to be able to pass the stuff as materials for any costume in general. I pretty much have the binding figured out thanks to a friend, so I'm good there, it's just... sigh, everyone wants an hourglass body until they try to crossplay with one...
Again sorry if I'm doing something bad I'm a noob so you can yell at me.
Ah yes, the hourglass body. I'm not a perfect example but my measurements are 35-28-38.5 and if you want to look at my pictures that I've posted up on this site (I think my Zack Fair is a good example), it's still more or less easy to pull off if you just tweak the clothes a certain way or even certain stances when posing for pictures. You say Sasuke, and from what little I know of the character, maybe a bit of padding around your waist can give you more of a straight figure. As for your spine 'problem', try different poses in a full length mirror if you can, mimic how a man stands and try to adjust it if you so choose.

I suppose I'm rambling now, I apologize. These are just my thoughts and anything doesn't work, just remember, cosplay is for fun, as long as you have fun dressing up, you've still won in my opinion! Hope this helps!
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