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Originally Posted by M.Haninozuka View Post
I live in powder springs :P i went to AWA! Were you mixed in with that HUGE hetalia group? I know i saw a china! AWA was my...4th con i think
Hey, Powder Springs! Not far from me. (:

Yeah, I was with the group, but I didn't travel around the con with them. I went with some of my friends, originally, and just joined up with them for a little while we were there. I went to one of the photoshoots, but it was the second or third one and I got there late. :C To my knowledge, there was only one other China, and she was a lot paler than I am. xD

Unfortunately, I can't go to any out of state con's at the moment, but on my list, there's:
MomoCon, along with any MomoCon on Tour side events coming up. (Speaking of which, are any of you going to the Winter Ball? It's next month!)

@Ciel: I know there are few others going on, like JapanFest, but I do believe that is the weekend of AWA, which is why I did not attend last year.
Upcoming Cons/Cosplay Events:
-Atlanta Anime Day. [November 28th]
-MomoCon on Tour: Cosplayers on Ice. [December 5th]
-MomoCon Winter Ball. [January 16th]

Past Cons/Cosplay Events:
-AWA Con '09.
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