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I would've guessed you to be nice and friendly people ^o^
It's just that China is so big and so far from home and that kinda scares me to be honest.
I looked for some cosplay events and conventions in shanghai and beijing, but I can't find any (probably looking in the wrong places), cause I think cosplay helps too. Since I started cosplaying I have made so many nice friends and I hope to find some nice cosplayers there too to go to events and conventions^^
我的汉语不太好.....我今年去中国 o.O *uh-oh*我看汉字看得马马虎虎。写汉字写得很慢。我的汉字不太漂亮。我在北京要找一间房子,可是我 不知道怎么办。 谁可以帮助我?
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